Breaking down half-cent sales taxes on Duval, Clay ballots

Both school districts hope voters will approve taxes meant to fund school building improvements, security upgrades

Both the Duval County and Clay County school districts are hoping voters will approve half-cent sales taxes meant to fund school building improvements and security upgrades.

Both school districts have been strongly campaigning for their respective half-cent tax measures, citing the age of their facilities and a dire need for stronger security.

Duval County half-cent sales tax

In Duval County, a half-cent sales tax on sales would rake-in nearly 1.72 billion over its 15-year life. For a median income household of four people, it amounts to about $72 a year or about $6 a month.

If passed, all that money would be put toward four things:

  1. Safety and security upgrades, which would be completed in the first three years.
  2. Fixing nearly $250 million worth of backlogged maintenance problems.
  3. Getting rid of more than 40 portable classrooms.
  4. Building new schools.

It would be overseen by a 22-member committee of citizen representatives.

Supporters say Duval County Public Schools needs to catch up with neighboring districts that have other property or sales taxes to supplement schools.

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