What Pierce County voters will see on the primary ballot

The much-covered governor, U.S. Senate and secretary of state races are on the primary ballot across Georgia, along with a dozen other statewide offices you can learn about here. Pierce County voters, especially Republicans, will also see state Senate, state House, and several local offices on their ballot.

Read on for a preview of races specifically on the Pierce County ballot.

Georgia State Senate, District 8

Includes all of Pierce County as well as Clinch, Pierce and part of Ware County. No Democrat qualified to run for this seat.

  • Russ Goodman - The incumbent, a Republican and a farmer from Homerville, drew no Republican or Democratic challengers. His name will appear on the ballot even though he is unopposed.

Georgia State House, District 178

Includes Pierce County and neighboring counties to the north. No Democrat qualified to run for this seat.


Pierce County Commission, Chairman

  • K NEAL BENNETT - incumbent commissioner running for re-election
  • MIKE STREAT - retired Blackshear resident

No Democratic candidate entered this race.

County Commission, District 2

  • SHAWN M. GODWIN - disabled Blackshear resident
  • GRAHAM RALEY - accountant

No Democrat entered this race.

County Commission, District 4

  • DAVID LOWMAN - incumbent commissioner, a Republican and retired resident of Mershon, is running unopposed

Board of Education, Chairman

  • DUWARD BOATRIGHT - incumbent board member, a farmer from Bristol
  • MORRIS PATE - retired Blackshear resident

This is a non-partisan office

Board of Education (2 seats)

  • MITCH HALL - incumbent board member from Blackshear running unopposed in District 2
  • WENDY B. PURYEAR - incumbent board member from Mershon running unopposed for the District 4 seat

State Court Judge

  • DAN BENNETT - incumbent judge running unopposed for re-election

Solicitor General

  • ADAM FERRELL - incumbent resident of Blackshear running unopposed for re-election

Waycross Judicial Circuit District Attorney

  • Marilyn Bennett and Ian Sansot, both Republicans and attorneys, are seeking this open seat. There is no Democrat in the race. Current District Attorney George Barnhill is not seeking re-election in the upcoming race.