Roads blocked, thousands without power in Nassau County

Nassau County bridge open, but Amelia Island without power

YULEE, Fla. – Reports of damage in Nassau County caused by Hurricane Irma continued to come in to emergency management officials Wednesday. Thousands of residents are still without power and over a dozen roads are blocked by debris or flooding. 

Blocks of homes near Alligator Creek were damaged by strong winds. Residents in the area say it was a tornado that tore through their area. Some people told News4Jax that it sounded like a freight train was barrelling through.

For one woman in Nassau County, the hurricane led to a sentimental loss. Angela Haas had to say goodbye to part of her family's history after a massive cedar tree fell down. 

Haas' mother, who passed away just three months ago, plant the tree when Haas was a little girl.

"Forty-three years it's been standing here," Haas said. "It’s kind of disheartening to see that it fell because it was a part of the house, you know? But I know my mom would have been seriously disappointed"

Haas said the tree had become a constant reminder of her mother and her memories growing up here.

"We’re blessed that it didn’t fall on the house or the car," she said.

Others weren’t so lucky. Throughout the neighborhood near the St. Marys River, roof damage was a common sight Tuesday. Neighbors lent each other a hand, helping with cleanup and repairs, all while they’re still without electricity.

"That’s life, you know? Stuff happens and we move on. But, it’s never going to be the same," Haas said. 

Some Nassau County residents told News4Jax the storm surge they saw along the St. Marys River was greater than what they saw during Hurricane Matthew.

County officials said its four shelters closed at 8 p.m. All remaining occupants, including special-needs evacuees, are being transferred to a host shelter at Journey Church.

The Emergency Operations Center will provide free water for residents to pick up from the Callahan Fairgrounds. A POD will be set up, where Nassau citizens can grab water. 

A survey is underway to determine gas supplies in the county.

County officials are warning residents to cautious of the following businesses and individuals:

  • Door-to-door solicitors
  • People in unmarked vehicles
  • Use of a post office box or temporary address
  • Those who claim they are from another country or state and are in the area solely to help disaster victims
  • people who claim that they are doing work in the area and noticed that your home or business needs repair

Power outages continue in Nassau County, particularly on Amelia Island. Tuesday, Florida Power and Light reported more than 15,000 people are without power, mostly west of the Intracoastal Waterway. Florida Public Utility, which supplies all power needs to Amelia Island, reports there is no power due to a transmission line down. Okefenokee Power also reports a down transmission line impacting more than 5,000 customers.

The Fernandina Beach Municipal Airport remains closed until further notice.

The following roads are closed:

  • Pages Dairy Road at Lofton Creek Bridge -- flooding
  • Conner Cutoff Road at Dog Gone Trail -- impassable
  • Seymore Point Road -- downed tree
  • Cortez Road -- flooding
  • Davis Road -- flooding
  • Middle Road Haddoc/Crawford -- downed tree
  • Kings Ferry and Dahoma -- downed tree
  • Kings Ferry Bridge -- downed tree
  • 453322 Old Dixie Highway -- downed tree
  • Pages Dairy and Ezell Lane -- downed tree
  • 1900 Clinch Drive -- downed tree
  • N 17th and Atlantic -- downed tree
  • S 14th and Amelia Parkway -- downed tree
  • Blackrock Road and Green Pine --downed tree
  • Amelia Island Parkway and Fletcher -- downed tree
  • First Coast Hwy & Scott Road -- downed tree or power line
  • 96050 Marsh Lakes Drive -- downed tree
  • Lem Turner and 5th Avenue -- downed tree
  • 3610 Via Del Mar -- downed tree
  • Orange Street from Alma to 4th Street -- erosion
  • Petree Road -- downed tree or power line

As what was left of Hurricane Irma continued to move away late Monday afternoon, Nassau County's manager announced that the Shave Bridge that connects the mainland to Amelia Island had reopened. He quickly added that there is no electricity on the island, and there are many trees down and flooding issues that are blocking roads.

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