Save up to 20 percent on hurricane supplies at ACE Hardware

Discounts available throughout June to encourage early start on preparation

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – WJXT and the owners and operators of the 26 locally-owned ACE Hardware stores announced on Thursday a partnership to help prepare local residents for hurricane season.

The program, which runs throughout the month of June, will give customers at all local ACE Hardware stores a substantial discount on select hurricane supplies. The goal of the program is to encourage people to prepare early and not wait until the last minute when supplies can be limited. 

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"With active storms the last two years, we watched first-hand the devastating impact on our community," said Bob Ellis, WJXT vice president and general manager. "We urge people to get ready early and not wait until the last minute when store shelves can be empty. Preparation is the key to make sure you stay safe. The folks at ACE Hardware are helping make that happen and offering a significant discount so people on the First Coast can save money and build a hurricane preparedness kit that fits your family."

From June 1 through June 30, all ACE Hardware stores are offering a 20 percent discount on select items vital to hurricane preparation. The list was compiled based on the most purchased items last hurricane season in local stores and these lists are available in-stores and on All 26 locally-owned ACE hardware stores are participating in this partnership with in-store displays and customer service people wearing red vests ready to assist customers to get the items they need to stay safe this storm season.


"All of us at ACE Hardware are excited to partner with Channel 4, The Local Station, to not only help, prepare and educate our customers on hurricane and storm preparedness, but to also meet their hardware needs. During the month of June, we will offer a 20 percent discount on approved Build-a-Kit That Fits storm preparation items," said a spokesperson for the 26 locally-owned ACE Hardware Stores. "These items can be identified via a checklist available on and at your local ACE store. Every customer's needs are unique. The Build-a-Kit That Fits program, along with ACE, The Helpful Place, allows customers to leave confident they have the necessary and correct products in case a storm's path should intersect with ours. We encourage everyone to stop by their local ACE Hardware and let us help you become prepared."

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With the 2018 hurricane season expected to be an active one, early preparation is critical. The News4Jax Weather Authority team of meteorologists is closely monitoring conditions in the tropics and is urging all Jacksonville area residents to prepare now.

"It looks like this season will be slightly more active than average. We've already gotten off to quite a start with Alberto,” said News4Jax meteorologist Rebecca Barry. "NOAA predicts a 75 percent chance we will see an above average or average season this year. As we've seen the past two years, it only takes one storm to disrupt your life, and that's why preparing early is so important."

Throughout the month of June, the Weather Authority team will also be making in-store appearances at several ACE Hardware locations to talk to people about weather safety and the upcoming hurricane season. Current list of dates and locations of visits is on the Hurricane Kits/Plan and Prepare section.