Weather radios a must-have for hurricane season

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – As the heart of hurricane season draws closer, experts stress the importance of having a weather radio.

In this high-tech and digital age, smartphones, tablets and computers won't help for long after a power outage. Weather radios will allow people to continue getting alerts when severe weather is close.

Ace Hardware carries two different types of weather radios. The hand crank radio it sells has a power meter that displays the battery's charge. It also has a solar panel that also charges the battery and comes with a USB cord and input.

The less-expensive option radio takes three triple-A batteries and comes with a power cord adapter.

Once the weather radio is turned on, the setup is pretty simple. It will ask users to enter the current time, choose a language and current location. Location frequencies can be found on the NOAA website.

LINK: Weather radio frequences