UF Health experts train with lifeguards ahead of Dorian

JACKSONVILLE BEACH, Fla. – Residents from UF Health on Thursday trained with Jacksonville Beach lifeguards, learning how to treat patients out in the field without their typical equipment.

Andrew Schmidt, the emergency medical doctor at UF Health Jacksonville, said the training helps doctors get out of their comfort zone in the hospital and put them in a situation where they could save a life out in the field. 

Residents learned how to apply hemorrhage tourniquets, treat lightning strikes, remove fishhooks and how to help in a situation where someone is drowning. They also learned how to treat hypothermia and heat strokes.

Schmidt says this training is especially useful ahead of Dorian.

"Everything that we talked about today is associated with hurricanes and storms," Schmidt said.

Jacksonville Beach lifeguards are preparing for Dorian by removing all towers and trash cans. Red flags will be flying along the beach and units will be patrolling.

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