JACKSONVILLE, Fla – Three tropical systems are being watched for development with one as close as 200 miles from Jacksonville. 

None show only significant potential for development with the exception for, Invest 91L, a central Atlantic gale that could become a subtropical storm between Bermuda and the Azores. 

The other area is located several hundred miles off the east coast of the United States and is actually two low pressure systems. 

Invest 92 due east of Jacksonville shows the first signs of tropical development with a tight swirl of rotating clouds, but it stands no chance of developing due to upper wind shear over 50 knots keeping thunderstorms from focusing around the center.

Extreme shear (red streamlines) over Florida will hinder any development of Invest 92

It will likely converge with another mid Atlantic low farther north and stall over Atlantic waters, potentially acquiring some tropical characteristics near the Northeast. 

Regardless of any name change it will bring high waves and winds to the upper mid Atlantic coast near New Jersey and New York as it intensifies into a proper Atlantic Nor'easter.  

We indirectly get a bump up in onshore winds as it pushes a cold front past NEFLA Wednesday.

Finally, the National Hurricane Center is looking at Invest 91L as having the most promise of developing over the next 5 days.  

It would likely have both tropical and winter like storm characteristics as it spins up along a cold front and drifts west toward Bermuda. 

None of these systems pose no threat the land, however any developments in the Gulf or Caribbean would be more impactful to Florida and the potential exists for these threats through October.