Beautiful afternoon turns cool and foggy tonight

Jacksonville's weather forecast looks damp at times on Tuesday

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Veteran's Day was gorgeous and mild, with temperatures topping out in the upper 70s under partly cloudy skies. This evening turns cool with temperatures sinking down through the 60s and into the upper 50s.

Tuesday morning starts out with fog, that could be dense in some areas. The fog lifts by the late morning, but we don't expect to see much sunshine. A cold front will be pushing through, with a chance for showers as the front pushes through and cloudy skies leading up to the cooler temperatures. We expect most areas to see rain at some point, but it should be light and relatively short-lived. The best chance to see showers will be after 1p.m. through sunset, with earlier timing to the north of the state line. 

Temperatures on Tuesday will vary widely based on where you live, how soon the clouds build in as the front pushes through, etc. Expect to wake up in the upper 50s and low 60s. Since the clouds, the showers, and eventually th cold front move into Southeastern Georgia first, they will be the coolest, only topping out in the 60s. Most of Northeastern Florida will get a chance to warm up before the clouds, showers, and cold front arrive, so these areas will top out in the upper 70s. 

Tuesday night the showers end overnight and much colder air moves in- for about 24 hours. Expect some of the chilliest temperatures we have seen this season on Wednesday morning. We could brush freezing temperatures across inland, Southeastern Georgia. Across the Golden Isles and down to I-10, temperatures will start in the upper 30s and low 40s. Our southernmost and coastal counties will get down into the mid to upper 40s. 

Wednesday will be chilly and windy, with the strongest winds along the coastline. Temperatures will only warm into the upper 50s and low 60s. The gusty northeasterly winds will bring a few isolated showers onshore. 

Temperatures rebound back into the mid to upper 60s on Thursday through the weekend. Our next chance for showers will be on Friday. 


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