How to keep your home dry during a hurricane

ST. AUGUSTINE, Fla. – Given the smallest of openings, water will always find a way in.

For our homes that opening can be a crack, small fissure or hole. Be it on a roof or wall, soon you will know there is a problem. With the recent daily showers and storms you may have already realized you have a leak.

Some leaks will require professional help while smaller holes or cracks can be repaired either permanently or temporary, until the storms have passed.

Then there’s rising water. The indiscriminate spread of floodwater is a relentless force that, if left unchecked, can and will do damage to your home. That includes buckled sub-floors, ruined floor covering, drywall and molding damage as well as the potential for dangerous mold and bacteria growth if not removed immediately.

Monday, at Turner Ace Hardware in St. Augustine, we highlighted a product that I have used with great success. you might have seen the information for Flex Tape. While I have never built a dune buggy or an air boat with the product, I can tell you it works to keep water out.

From the paint products to the adhesive tape, I have used almost all of the Flex Seal product line. The paint applies like any thick latex-style paint. I had some small leaks on my roof where nails had pushed through the shingles. I removed the rusted nail, cleaned the opening and applied the Flex paint with a cheap paint brush. Then I waited about 20 minutes and applied a second coat. It was barely noticeable and, more importantly, it worked.

The Flex Tape is another great product if you need to seal an opening such as windows or doors. Use it along the bottom edge, where the door meets the threshold, and then along the sides from the bottom up. If the door is on a lower level than surrounding surfaces, you could effectively seal the entire opening. For entry doors, allow enough tape to go above projected water levels. While application is easy, removal is not.

So keep that in mind: this product will really stick and require some work to remove.

While the paint and adhesive products can be used with ease and offer a near-permanent fix, the Flex Seal should only be used in the event of an emergency to prevent water from seeping in.

Your local Ace Hardware has Flex Seal and other products, so if water damage is a concern around your home, now’s a good time as any to stock up.

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