Will the rain last this week

Rain tapers off but not the overcast

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The stream of light rain will slowly fade well after dark tonight with cool damp conditions overnight.

Clouds are locked in and won’t break much Monday but tomorrow will have much less rain.

A flood watch has been cancelled. Most areas picked up around .25″ or less Sunday afternoon.

Temperatures don’t vary much staying in the mid to upper 60s tonight.

The stationary front causing today’s weather remains nearby Monday and could cause some isolated showers but steady rain is unlikely and rain chances drop to 30%.

Much of Georgia except near the coast will have drier air and a lower chance for showers.

Monday decrease in showers will be brief as showers pick up Tuesday with increasing overcast skies and rain into Wednesday.

We are watching the tropics for a second potential storm to develop in the Gulf which could bring increasing rain into north Florida by the end of the week.

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