Wednesday starts off gloomy with patchy fog and low clouds

Jacksonville’s weather will quickly turn sunny and very warm by this afternoon

Foggy then sunny

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – This time of year our nights are getting longer by nearly 2 minutes. This means more darkness and that allows for our atmosphere to settle out nicely. The result is for patchy dense sunrise fog. Wednesday and Thursday mornings we will see patchy, sometime dense fog. If not that, low clouds will make our 7:24 a.m. sunrise appear mighty gloomy.

Today, through Sunday will see similar days of heat and humidity, clouds and sun, showers and maybe even a thundershower. Afternoon highs will be 85-88° and afternoon feel-like temperatures will be 93-98°. Morning low clouds and fog will burn off quickly each day, allowing a few afternoon and evening I-95 thundershowers. Rain chances never too high, about 40-50% chance each day with Saturday evening and overnight having the highest chances.

We all need to keep the prayers going for those along the Louisiana Coast as before this weekend another major hurricane, Delta will be causing severe damage.

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Wednesday starts off gloomy, not rainy
7-Day Forecast

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