Showers move through this evening, rounds of rain on Saturday also

Jacksonville’s weekend weather forecast looks soggy at times

Damp & Chilly
Damp & Chilly

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Light showers have begun to move through our area and are expected to increase in volume and intensity this evening into the overnight hours. Expect southwesterly winds between 10-15 mph to fade and shift to northerly overnight. We expect rounds of rain overnight, especially in our southern counties through sunrise on Saturday.

Saturday we will see the southern showers lift back up across our area during the day, but the entire day won’t be a washout for everyone- you will see breaks in the rain, in the morning hours to the north of I-10 and in the early afternoon hours to the south of I-10. Temperatures will be chilly, only topping out in the low 60s.

Saturday from 4-9 p.m. is a Weather Authority Alert for disruptive, heavy rainfall that will push through. Expect 3-5 hours of rain amounting to 1-2″ of rainfall Saturday evening. There is only an isolated chance for a severe thunderstorm.

Sunday’s forecast winds the “Most Improved” award, as rain chances have faded and we may even see some sunshine by Sunday afternoon. Sunday we wake up in the low 50s and warm up into the mid 60s.

Monday will be dry and partly cloudy, topping out around 67°.

Showers are back on Tuesday, but so are the 70 degree temperatures.

The next round of potentially disruptive weather starts next Friday and spills over into the weekend.