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Umbrella Days begin later today

Partly cloudy start and warm

Not great, just an "8"
Not great, just an "8"

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Sunrise is at 7:23 a.m.

We will be able to see this, it is what comes thereafter that is not so clear.

Forecast models are definitely breaking down our recent dry spell, the good news is that we are in October and although we can get high probability of rain chances, the forecasted amounts are much lower than when we were in August and early September.

In other words, nuisance showers/downpours are back.

But not so much for today, Tuesday.

Starting off under partly cloudy skies and warm temperatures. Sunrise temps will be in the 70s along the coast upper 60s inland. Sunshine, with a few morning clouds will allow our temperatures to reach a high in the mid 80s. Scattered showers will begin to fire off along the I-95 corridor. This will take place before 4pm. It is after this when a chunk of upper-level energy will spread across the Florida peninsula firing off some later evening showers and thunders, mainly inland.

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday will see similar conditions, except the rain chance will be much higher.

Basically, grab your umbrella.

Higher chances, but not particularly heavy amounts
Umbrella needs build starting later Tuesday

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