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Final 90° day of 2021 ???

Summer-like afternoons as sunny skies and a west wind develops on Saturday

Not quite Great
Not quite Great

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Near perfect temperatures, breezes, humidity and clouds. Too bad there are a few rain showers blowing onshore just south of Jacksonville. This is the trade-off we get in October, as warm water temperatures allow for small showers to bubble up and then the northeast fall breezes push them onshore. This will be mainly in Flagler and St. Johns counties.

Light northeast winds are common in October, coming in after coming across the warm Atlantic Ocean. Classic. Beautiful.

Today, Thursday will be one of those days. Sunrise 7:28 a.m. and it will be very lovely, with inland temperatures in the 60s. There will be some patchy fog for those living along US301 and further inland. No biggie, that will burn off quickly and temperatures will jump well into the 80s as warmer temperatures develop.

Cold front heading towards Jacksonville

Pre-frontal warmth will be present both Friday and Saturday as both afternoons will see highs well into the 80s., there is a chance we will see 90° (officially) at the airport on Saturday.

A few brief thundershowers possible Saturday evening, more on this later...

Chill down as the Jags kick-off in London on Sunday morning.

Toasty then cooler

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