One weak cold front equals a “10″ on the Gaughan Gauge

Could be the most summer-like beach weekend until spring (2022)

Woot Woot, slight chance of a PM shower

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Friday, moisture from our south may fire off a few afternoon showers for folks living between Gainesville to Palatka to St. Augustine. Jacksonville should stay dry. Skies will be sunny and our temperatures will be warmer. Morning temperatures will start in the low to mid 60s and see a high around 85°.

It’s a “10″ on the Gaughan Gauge

Last great beach weekend of 2021

Sure looks like it, with partly cloudy skies, light breezes, low rip current risk and surf under 2′ with water temperatures still tolerable in the mid-70s, while air temperatures will be in the low to mid 80s? Yep, easily the last of the great beach weekends of 2021.

More on that as we get closer to the weekend.

Very pleasant with low rip current risk
Warmer than normal