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Terrific Tuesday, almost

Make it not quite great, an "8".

JACKOSNVILLE, Fla. – Monday morning started off as the coldest morning we have had since early April, it was 46° as the sun came up. Blue skies turned gray, almost wintry looking. Yet, these clouds will actually help keep our morning temperatures milder as we wake up on Tuesday. Yes, having a high overcast of clouds actually reduces the amount of heat being radiated back into space during the night. The result is milder temperatures than if skies are clear.

Tuesday we will wake up to a mix of clouds and sunshine. Sunrise is at 7:41 a.m. Morning temperatures will be about 10° above Monday mornings temperatures. You won’t feel as cold.

Skies will clear through the day and this will allow for milder afternoon temperatures. Highs will be in the mid 70s, very nice!

The outlook for Wednesday through Friday is for building clouds, mild temperatures that quickly turn into a cold and wet pattern for Friday.

Stay alert to a potentially U-G-L-Y Friday.

Friday is NOT looking good

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