Beaches dealing with sub-tropical system and mini-nor’easter

Rip current risks are very high as a heavy surf advisory is in effect

Rip currents are likely the next few days

JACKSONVILLE BEACH, Fla. – Hurricane season is still officially beginning on June 1, but often times, we see sub-tropical (winter, cold core) systems develop over the Atlantic Ocean and then drift southward over tropical warm waters. After a few days of spinning over these warmer waters, presto-changeo, we end up with a hybrid system that the National Hurricane Center ultimately names, even before the official start of hurricane season.

These pre-season storms have been more of the rule than the exception, to the point that the National Hurricane Center and the World Meteorological Organization have considered moving the start date of the hurricane season back to May 15th. Just considering at the moment.

The official start date of this year’s hurricane season is June 1.

Anyhow, we have an area of low pressure between the Carolinas and Bermuda this is providing Jacksonville amazing weather! A constant northerly wind has been pushing cool air down the east coast.

Tuesday morning, the low temperature was 52 degrees — just 3 degrees from the record low temperature.

This low pressure has also been stirring up coastal waters, heavy surf advisory for surf 5-6 inches, and there have been significant rip currents, hence there are high rip current risks along area beaches.

Be safe!

The good news is, these rip currents will fade as we head into the weekend.

In the meantime, as the low pressure drifts closer to Jacksonville, we will see clouds increase and the chances of rain increase as well.

Thursday and Friday will be days with coastal showers. Until then?

Wednesday looks awesome!

Between Carolinas and Bermuda
Surf will run up to 6' through Thursday evening.

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