Hurricane supplies: Beyond water, food, prescriptions...

Solar powered/motion detected outdoor lighting

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – I will post random extras that are a good purchase for the hurricane kit throughout the season. Here are a few more items that are not too expensive and can make a difference should you hunker down at home during a storm. Basically, these accessories can make getting by without power more manageable.

  • Solar power is awesome and cheap. My first suggestion is a simple solar-powered motion detection sensor that will light up areas of your yard. You can see what is happening if large and small creatures come creeping by once the power goes out. Cost is $39 from Amazon.
  • Here’s a Father’s Day gift that’s cheap. It’s a headlamp. Yep, a lamp that goes on a headband. They really light up a room and they are reasonable -- most under $25.
  • At the Dollar Store (I love this place), buy a bunch of reader glasses -- they are only $1.25 per pair. When the lights go out, they can make working on those small issues much more accessible.
Got those for $1.25 at the Dollar Store
  • Portable rechargeable car starter/cellphone charger. This can start a car, which may be weak post-storm, or recharge multiple cellphones simultaneously. And you can recharge it once your car is started. Cost: $65-75.
  • Then there is the medical kit for the office/home -- shop around. These are much cheaper than I expected and much better than a box of Band-Aids. A decent medical package runs $25-35.
Level up by shopping on-line, still cheap for the life saving materials.

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There is much more that I have been adding to my hurricane supplies. I keep adding nonperishable items a little at a time. Yes, some of these I used Amazon, but you can find these items just by keeping an eye out for knickknacks that can make life less miserable.