Ian impacts on Jacksonville: Flooding rains with power outages

Would bring widespread flooding and nearly impossible driving conditions at times.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The latest shift from the National Hurricane Center has been to the right. This dramatically enhances rainfall impacts but reduces severe wind potential and downtown flooding.

Jacksonville, we have been here before (all too often the past six years) as another major hurricane will hit the state later Wednesday. Then a weakening hurricane will spill a broad shield of heavy rains and potentially damaging winds throughout North Florida and parts of Southeast Georgia.

No need to have high anxiety or panic, whether for gas or food. Ian will be an impacting storm on Jacksonville, but Ian will bring nothing close to the catastrophic damage that will take place along the Gulf Coast.

We again will be dealing with an indirect impact.

2022 HURRICANE SEASON: Latest Hurricane Ian trackTracking the Tropics Interactive Map | Know Your Zone: Your flood risk | Plan & Prepare: Resources to be ready

But it will impact us indeed.

  • Ian will be a severe flood maker, from the beaches to I-75, mainly in St. Johns, Putnam and Flagler counties.
  • All outdoor preps need to rush to completion. This includes any loose items in your yard, trash cans, grills, potted plants, etc.
  • Review supplies for possible power outages.
  • Flooding along area rivers, including downtown, is possible but highly dependent on the final track.
  • Irma rainfall flooding, but unlikely to see Irma downtown flooding. But there will be issues in San Marco, Riverside, and many other locations in Northeast Florida, and South Georgia.
  • HUNKER DOWN times will begin at sundown Thursday through later Friday afternoon.
  • Hurricane watch/warning is possible for area beaches if Ian takes more right-hand turns later tonight.

The most important warnings at the moment include:

Storm surge warning for anything tidal, this includes all major rivers.

A tropical storm warning for winds of 30-45 mph and gusts to 70 mph along coastal areas.

More specific forecast coming up later this evening.

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