2022 hurricane season: But wait! There’s more!

NHC gives Owen about a 50-50 chance of developing.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – We have mentioned on air and in the News4JAX Weather Authority Insider newsletter we were expecting late-season tropical activity/storm this year.

Nicole was just that. Developing in early November, Nicole shattered all sorts of records: first hurricane to hit the East Coast of Florida and record-breaking late season storm surge causing possibly $1 billion in damage.

Well, guess what is spinning out over the middle of the Atlantic Ocean? A large low-pressure area has developed in an area where water temperatures are still favorable for tropical storm/hurricane development.

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We are seeing this combination develop about 1,500 miles east of Jacksonville.

This area of low pressure will never directly impact the United States, but a massive ground swell will reach the Atlantic Coast over the next week.

Storm force winds are winds greater than 55 mph.
White area represents where seas will be greater than 20 feet!
Deep ground swell will make for some pretty surf along our coast. Bigger surf will take a week to reach area beaches.
Maybe or maybe not, Owen is the next name on the list.

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