Facebook post about $150 Dollar General Store coupon is fake

Dollar General executives: Don't click on fake Facebook post for coupon

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.  That's the case with a phony Facebook post claiming that Dollar General is giving away $150 coupons online to celebrate 135 years of service.

Executives at Dollar General said that ad is false and users should not fall for it or click on the ad.

When users click on the fake coupon, a page opens offering congratulations and telling users they have been selected to take a short survey for which they will receive a $150 store coupon. It then claims there are only a few coupons remaining.

Once the three questions have been answered, it prompts the user to share the page on Facebook, thank Dollar General in the comments, and then "like" it. Users are told they just got a $150 coupon, but no contact information is requested. 

"The $150 coupon circulating on Facebook is not valid and cannot be redeemed in stores or online," said Mary Kathryn Colbert, Dollar General public relations manager.

Additionally, the company was founded in 1939, meaning they have been in business for 79 years, not 135 years as the coupon claims.Colbert encourages customers not to click on links associated with the coupon and to report it to Facebook as "misleading and fraudulent.

Internet security specialists note that just because the surveys aren't asking for personal data, it doesn't mean they aren't collecting it. Advanced phishing and malware techniques are often gathering much more information than people realize.

The offer is similar to several others circulating on social media, including false offers of coupons for free Delta airline tickets, tickets to Disneyland and a free Toyota.