Guidelines released for summer camps to open during pandemic

How Coronavirus Will Affect Summer Camps
How Coronavirus Will Affect Summer Camps

The nation’s 14,000 camps are now facing tough choices as summer approaches and campers begin to wonder if they will be bunked up or hunkered down.

The American Camp Association partnered with the YMCA to come up with camp guidelines.

According to their guidelines, camps should keep children in smaller groups.

And campers and staff should wear cloth face coverings during indoor activities.

They also recommend screening, good hand washing techniques, social distancing and use of disinfectants.

The CDC has also released recommendations for camps to consider before they open their doors. The CDC says camps should open only if reopening is consistent with state and local orders, they are ready to protect children and employees at higher risk for severe illness and they are able to screen children and employees when they arrive for symptoms and any history of exposure to COVID-19.

The CEO of the YMCA said there will be many choices for parents, but it will not be a typical summer.