Son's hilarious, embarrassing sign greets mom at airport

Woman returning from week-long business trip gets un-'welcome' surprise

FORT SMITH, Ark. – What is the perfect way to say, "Welcome Home Mom"? Make a sign. 

That's what one Oklahoma boy and his father did when Barbara Nielsen was on her way home from a business trip. 

Imagine her surprise when she caught a glimpse of her son holding a "Welcome Home From Prison Mom" sign, written with black marker. 

She said -- to set the record straight -- that she works for a manufacturing company in Fort Smith, Arkansas. 

The original post on Facebook read: "Brandon is a jerk, lol. This is the sign Daimen was holding when I got off the plane." 

Her friend shared the picture writing: "So a friend was gone for a week on BUSINESS and her husband made this sign for their son to hold to welcome mom back! I died laughing."

The post has been shared more than 84,000 times. 

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