Rising rent: Local woman says rent increased by hundreds from when she moved in 3 years ago

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A Jacksonville woman told News4JAX that her rent went up by almost 50 percent from when she moved in.

Kelsey Christ said she has lived there at the Luxor Club on the southside for three years.

“When we moved in our rent was $1,450,” Christ said. “Our lease renewal that would start on June 12 is $2,200.”

That is an increase of $750 dollars over two years for a two-bedroom, two-bathroom apartment.

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“In a way, $2,200 is a mortgage payment for a lot of people,” Christ said. “I mean we are looking at homes in St. Johns county the markets are just terrible, it is comparable to a $450,000 house right now because we ran the numbers so to see that is outrageous and we live in a two-bedroom none the less.”

Renewal rate notice

Whether you’re renting or buying -- prices are up.

The median sales price for a home in Northeast Florida during the month of February was more than $351,000. That’s over 20% higher than the price of a home in the same area a year ago.

Christ said one of the most frustrating parts is not just that her rent is going up but that it would actually be cheaper if she was a new move in rather than a current tenant.”

“If you’re moving in, you’re paying hundreds of hundreds of dollars less than what we’re paying now so that if you stay there you’re punished.”

If you go on the complex’s website you can find a two-bedroom, two-bathroom apartment available anywhere from $1,700 up to $2,700.

While those numbers vary on the specific unit, Christ said she feels that current leasers are getting the short end of the stick -- and unfortunately for those who are renting, the real estate agent we spoke to said not to expect those costs to come down anytime soon.

The Luxor Club gave News4JAX a statement on Wednesday that said the resident was inaccurate with her rent increase claims.

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