Women's organization asks State Attorney Angela Corey to resign

National Organization for Women calls for Angela Corey to stand down

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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The National Organization for Women announced Monday it is pushing for State Attorney Angela Corey's resignation over the case of Marissa Alexander.

Corey has arguably been right in the middle of some controversial court cases. The cases range from the George Zimmerman trial, to the Michael Dunn trial and now to the case of Alexander.

Alexander is facing up to 60 years in prison for shooting toward her estranged husband, which supporters of Alexander said was in self-defense.

Rod Sullivan teaches law at the Florida Coastal School of Law and doesn't think the publicity will make Corey stand down.

"I don't think it will have any impact at all," said Sullivan. "Angela Corey has been in her position for years and I think she's immune from that sort of public pressure."

In a statement to Channel 4, the State Attorney's Office said, "State Attorney Angela Corey will continue to vigorously seek justice for our two child victims and their father. We intend to seek justice in the courtroom and not in the media, where the spread of misinformation has been extensive."


However, the push for Corey's resignation will not stop anytime soon. Angie Nixon is with Florida New Majority, a group that has backed Alexander's release.

"We feel Angela Corey lacks good judgment as well as character," said Nixon. "From the prosecution of the Marissa Alexander case, to the botching of George Zimmerman, to Dunn, to over prosecuting juveniles in Jacksonville."

Florida New Majority is looking for candidates to run against Corey in 2016.

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