Detectives still trying to ID remains found on beach in 1985

New image supplied by University of South Florida


ST. JOHNS COUNTY, Fla. – Cold case detectives with the St. Johns County Sheriff's Office are still seeking the public's help in identifying remains found in a Crescent Beach sand dune nearly 30 years ago.


On April 11, 1985, workers building a dock discovered the skeletal remains and called the Sheriff's Office. The remains were found about eight-tenths of a mile north of the Crescent Beach ramp, about 10 feet from the high-tide level and about two and a half feet below the dune level.

A forensic examination conducted by the University of Florida determined the remains were possibly of a white woman, about 5 feet 7 inches tall with light brown to blonde hair. The approximate age of the woman was determined to be between 20 and 40 years old, and death occurred between one and five years before the discovery.

At the time, a cause of death was unable to be determined due to the decomposition of the body, but the manner of death was ruled a homicide, investigators said.


Investigators have received three forensic images of how the victim may have looked. The images were supplied by the FBI, Louisiana State University and most recently from the University of South Florida.

Bones that were recovered showed numerous healed fractures and three distinctive surgical burr holes in the skull, investigators said. It was speculated that the victim, before her death, had been involved in some type of car accident, in which the injuries would have occurred, investigators said.

A DNA profile was developed from the remains through the University of North Texas.


There were no missing persons reports from the immediate area that matched the description of the victim, investigators said.

Investigators said even the smallest tip will help.

"Anything, anything at all can help us," said Cmdr. Chuck Mulligan. "And we know with time there is a chance for diminished returns, the longer this thing goes the longer the potential that family members have passed. If they were alive today that victim could be 60 years old."

Anyone with any information concerning the possible identity of the victim is asked to call Detective Sean Tice at the St. Johns County Sheriff's Office at 904-209-2192.