Speaking emoji

The roots of using smiley faces and emoticons date back to the 1800's, but the popular emoji wasn't seen until the 1990's in Japan. Now, these little icons can be used on almost every smart phone in the world to say just about anything, but are emojis making life easier or just harder to comprehend?

Emojis have infected the masses and according to emojitracker, people are using 250 to 350 emoji tweets a second on twitter!

Emojis have gone from simply adding emotion, to replacing entire words with characters.

In fact, the word "emoji" has even been added to the Oxford English Dictionary.
Even long stories can be translated into a small string of symbols in seconds. But can emoji sentences be saving time or just making English harder to comprehend?

Recently there has been an addition of over 300 new emojis that include racially diverse, same sex relationships and 32 additional country flag emojis.