Fire breaks out after man found dead in home

Son finds elderly father dead; fire starts after EMTs leave house

A fire broke out Monday morning in a Northside home after a son found his 66-year-old father's body inside, police said.

According to the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office, the son went to his father's home on Concord Boulevard East, just off the Trout River, about 10 a.m. and found him dead inside. Police said there was some evidence that the man, Climart Moses had been dead for a few days.

The son called rescue, and emergency personnel responded. As they left the house and before homicide detectives got a warrant to enter the home to investigate the death, a fire broke out.

Firefighters said flames were coming from the windows when they arrived. It didn't take long to get it under control, but there was fire and smoke damage.

"I can't say if there was evidence destroyed or not because we haven't been able to get inside the house and do any kind of search or investigating in the house," Sgt. Dan Jansen said.

Police are investigating the death. It's unclear if foul play was involved, but the son told police that his father had health problems.

"We're talking to the complainant, which is the son, and try to make a determination if something happened in the house, something was kicked over, or if it was set intentionally or not," Jansen said. "It is too early to give you any definitive answers."