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Federal prison website now lists Corrine Brown release date

Former congresswoman reported to federal prison just before noon Monday

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Corrine Brown now knows that she will spend 1,585 more days in a federal prison, unless she successfully appeals her 18 convictions on fraud, conspiracy and tax charges.

Brown, 71, reported to the minimum-security prison camp that is part of the Coleman Federal Correctional Complex in Central Florida late Monday morning, about 20 minutes before the deadline for her to begin serving a five-year sentence.

She is appealing her conviction as she serves her time, but if her conviction is not overturned, she'll likely serve 80 percent of her 60-month sentence, which follows federal guidelines.

Most of that will be at Coleman with her final weeks at a different facility, where she would ultimately be released.

The Bureau of Prisons website now lists Brown's release date as June 6, 2022.

Bishop Kelvin Cobaris, of Orlando, said he walked her to the door and prayed with her before she entered the facility in Sumter County, about a 2½-hour drive southwest Jacksonville.

Cobaris said Brown didn’t appear to be nervous as she exited a black van and walked in to be processed. 

"I saw emotion, but I didn’t see nervousness or fear. She was just ready to go face what she needed to face," Cobaris said. “She's still the strong leader that we all know she is, and she sends her love to all of her constituents and those who have supported her throughout this process." 

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Brown, who was convicted last summer of federal corruption, conspiracy, tax evasion and fraud, was sentenced to five years in prison, three years of probation, and to make restitution of $250 per month.There are numerous rules inmates must follow regarding phone calls, mail and counseling

Brown's request to remain out on bond as she appeals her 18 federal convictions was denied last MondaySo was a motion to delay the start of Brown's five-year prison sentence by 30 days.

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Brown will continue to receive her federal pension until she exhausts her appeals.

Carla Wiley, the woman who founded the unregistered charity that Brown was accused by federal prosecutors of using as a personal slush fund, also began serving her sentence Monday. She was ordered to report to Federal Prison Camp Alderson in West Virginia, which is the prison where Martha Stewart did her time.

As of Tuesday evening, both Brown and Wiley showed up as incarcerated inmates on the Federal Bureau of Prisons website -- Brown under inmate number 67315-018, which she had already been assigned, and Wiley under inmate number 66813-018

The other co-conspirator in the charity fraud case, Brown's former chief of staff, Ronnie Simmons, began serving his sentence at a Maryland prison three weeks ago. He was assigned number 67316-018.