220 guns stolen from unlocked vehicles in Jacksonville

JSO reminding gun owners to be responsible with #9PMRoutine


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – More than 200 guns have been stolen from unlocked vehicles in Duval County, so far this year. 

220 guns were stolen from unlocked vehicles within the first 169 days of 2018, the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office reported Monday.

The sheriff’s office is reminding you to be a responsible gun owner and take part in the 9 p.m. Routine. 

The routine is one of JSO’s effort to prevent gun thefts. Every night before you go to bed, police said, make it a habit to take all valuables out of your car and then lock your car. 

Officer Melissa Bujeda, a spokeswoman for JSO, has said if thieves find an unlocked car, they'll take whatever they can-- no matter what part of town they're in. 

Bujeda said the number of guns stolen from unlocked vehicles is unacceptable. 

“That’s 220 more guns on the street in the hands of people committing violent crimes in our community. You can make a difference in preventing violent crime in your community by doing the #9PMRoutine. We need you to do your part,” said Bujeda.