Campaign goes global as bill for more baby-changing tables moves forward

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A new bill requiring baby changing tables in the men’s room is making its way through the legislature and one local father who spearheaded the change says he’s all in.

Donte Palmer is a Jacksonville father who started the #SquatForChange movement. He made a big splash on the internet when he was photographed squatting while changing his son's diaper in the bathroom of a Jacksonville restaurant.  Palmer says the campaign has gone global and has already led to change in several ways. He believes Senate Bill 1082 is a step in the right direction to tackling a problem he and so many other parents face. 

The bill requires baby-changing tables to be included in new buildings and those undergoing renovations.

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Palmer said when his oldest son snapped the viral photo, he never imagined it would give way to a movement.

"It's been overwhelming, but it's been an honor. I'm just truly excited that I'm finally making change around the world,” Palmer said.

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Through #SquatForChange, dads from around the world have shared their highs and lows with trying to change their children’s diapers. Through their stories, Donte says change is happening, including society's narrative when it comes to fatherhood.

"We're the ones that get in bed with our children and read to them. We're the ones that have oatmeal thrown in our faces. We are those dads who are willing to get down and dirty with our kids," Palmer explained.

Donte says celebrities like Jessica Alba have shown support. But one person who really stands out is a man from Gambia, who posted the photo below of him squatting next to his younger siblings. 


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"This campaign is really touching every part of the world. A nonpartisan campaign, whether you're black or white, Republican, Democrat- we all can come together and agree on one thing. We're parents and we can push forward for change for our children," Palmer said.

As the push for change is begins to take shape in Tallahassee, Palmer is throwing his support behind that. He wants to take the idea of men’s' rooms not having baby changing stations, and flush it.

No matter what happens with this bill, Donte says his #SquatForChange campaign is just getting started. 

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