Dogs almost ready for adoption after being rescued from meat farms

8 dogs arrive at Nassau Humane Society following journey across the globe

FERNANDINA BEACH, Fla. – After a more than 7,000-mile journey across the globe, 15 dogs are almost ready to find their "furever" homes.

The Nassau Humane Society helped rescue the dogs, which were saved from meat farms in South Korea and would have been sold for slaughter. 

A video from Humane Society International shows the rescue of more than 200 dogs in February. They can be seen caged in small pens with hay, food and water -- only what's needed to survive.

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The Nassau Humane Society drove some of the dogs to safety. They arrived early Monday morning in Fernandina Beach. Seven of them continued their journey down to West Palm Beach. 

The other eight dogs that stayed in Nassau County are all different sizes and breeds. There's a 10-month-old Jindo named Justice, as well as spaniel mixes, spitz mixes and two malamutes. 

Over the next week, staff will work on socializing them, getting them used to playing with toys, walking on a leash and just being a dog.

"That makes it easier for a new owner to continue with what we are doing," said Director of Operations Christina Sutherin. "Just the everyday experiences of cars driving by, vacuum cleaners, the TV noise, somebody knocking on the door -- those are all things that these dogs have never heard or experienced."

The dogs should be ready for adoption by July 9 or July 10.

In the meantime, the Nassau Humane Society is encouraging people interested in adopting to come out and meet them.


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