Man says he's reported drug activity at home pictured on Google Street View

Former property manager says he stopped working at home in Brentwood

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The former property manager of a home that's getting attention because of a photo that appears on Google Street View told News4Jax that it has been the site of drug activity.

When the address is searched on Google Street View, a photo is shown of two young men with their faces blurred standing in a driveway of a home in Brentwood. One man appears to be holding up cash while the other is holding what appears to be a gun.

The former property manager, who asked only to be referred to as Richard, said he recognized the photo immediately. He said he's called the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office many times over the year about the home.

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"I knew right away who those guys were and what they were doing there," Richard said. "They had even gone as far as to put a window A/C unit in that house and ran an extension cord from the house behind it somewhere to run the stove so they could cook the crack."

The former property manager said he stopped working at the house because he feared for his life.

He wasn't the only one with concern for the neighborhood's safety. A grandmother who asked not to be identified said she's had to duck in her own home before.

"There are shootouts all the time. I've been on my home and had to get on the ground because you could tell they were shooting right outside our house, and I had my grandbaby," she said.

Richard says he's asked police multiple times to do something about the drug issue in the neighborhood.

"The officer told us that that's what they do on that street and that our investor would be better off just to wash his hands of that property and that I should find a different place to work," Richard said.

​The Street View image was captured in March. Google said it automatically blurs faces and license plates that show up in Street View.

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