Say what? Tesla owner implants keyless entry chip in her arm

This is one of those things you shouldn't try at home

Photo: Tesla
Photo: Tesla (Tesla)

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – It's taking the idea of hands-free or keyless entry to another level.

You see, Tesla's Model 3 doesn't come with a key fob or a remote. The car is unlocked by your smartphone, however, should the battery die, a sleek keycard that's typically placed in a wallet or purse comes in handy as a backup.

As originally reported by The Verge, one driver, who is a software engineer, took the chip from inside the keycard and, get this, implanted it in her arm.

Don't try this at home.

YouTuber Amie DD documented the process on her channel online. To get the chip out of the card, she used acetone and then had the chip encased in a biopolymer.

Then, in the video below, she showed the process of implanting the chip.

(Content warning: There is some blood)

Amie DD doesn't offer a demonstration in the video, and she noted some swelling involved with the procedure.

She said the range isn't the best either. Me personally, I think I'm good with just keeping the keycard handy.

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