Inspectors: Fly infestation leads to brief restaurant closure on Westside

Violations also found at Chinese restaurant & concession stands, records show

Violations also found at Chinese restaurant & concession stands, records show.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Health violations in a restaurant can raise some serious concerns, which is why state inspectors issue emergency closures when a business is caught with major red flags, such as flies, roaches and rodents. 

This week's Restaurant Report takes a look at what really goes on inside some Jacksonville eateries. 

Health inspectors led the way down to Jacksonville's Oak Hill neighborhood on the Westside, where they landed on a number of surprises at the Sonic Drive-In.

State records show a fly infestation caused the fast-food chain on 103rd Street to briefly shut down. Inspectors said nearly 70 small flies were buzzing around the kitchen, two dead roaches were spotted near the restroom and the cook was cited for not washing his hands properly. The drive-in was back open the next day after it passed two follow-up inspections.

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Inspectors visit concession stands
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Dozens of rodent droppings led to an emergency closure at the Ho Ho Chinese Restaurant on Lem Turner Road. Inspectors found the droppings near the kitchen freezers and on the register countertop. Basic violations, such as fortune cookies stored on the floor and raw shrimp stored over French fries, were corrected with the inspector on-site, according to state records. The restaurant reopened the following day after passing a follow-up inspection.

TIAA Bank Field was recently under review by state health inspectors, records show. Like any restaurant, basic violations, ranging from missing paper towels to cups stored incorrectly, were found in the concession stands, pool deck kitchen and Terrace Suite, according to inspectors. But it wasn't enough to issue a timeout and the stadium scored a passing grade on every single inspection.