Taylor Williams’ great aunt: ‘It’s like my heart has just been ripped out’

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DEMOPOLIS, Ala. – The great aunt of Taylor Rose Williams said Wednesday she's in disbelief after learning human remains were found in Alabama during the search for the missing 5-year-old.

The remains, which have not been identified, were found in a wooded area of Marengo County, where Brianna Williams, the girl's mother, was originally from. Jacksonville Sheriff Mike Williams has said the remains are believed to belong to Taylor.

On Tuesday, Taylor's great aunt and great uncle said they were in shock after learning the girl's mother was named a person of interest in the case.

Sheila Williams, another great aunt of Taylor's, fought to hold back tears as she talked about the missing girl on Wednesday.

"It's like my heart has just been ripped out," Shelia Williams said. "It's like, where could she be?"

Brianna Williams is charged with child neglect and giving false information to investigators in the search for her daughter.

Shelia Williams said the charges can’t be true.

"No. No," she said. "That's her heart."

Shelia Williams said she hasn't seen Brianna or Taylor Williams in three years. She said Brianna Williams is a smart and respected Navy officer.

An arrest warrant obtained Wednesday by News4Jax reveals the last time anyone other than the mother had seen the child alive was in May.

When asked if there was anything she'd like to say to Taylor, Shelia Williams responded:

"You're loved and your mama loves you."

Shelia Williams said she’s not giving up hope that Taylor is still alive.

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