UNF pollsters find 3 of 6 Florida amendments with enough support to pass

Amendments range from raising minimum wage to property taxes.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – New polling numbers from the University of North Florida show considerable support for four of six potential amendments to the Florida constitution on the November ballot, but only three would meet the 60% threshold to pass if the election were held today.

The highest-profile proposal is Amendment 2, which would increase the state’s minimum wage to $10 per hour next year and hike it $1 each year until it reaches $15 an hour.

According to a UNF Public Opinion Research Lab poll of more than 3,000 likely Florida voters taken last week, Amendment 2 just reaches that 60% threshold. But the lead pollster, Dr. Michael Binder said that constitutional amendments tend to not do as well on election day as they do in polls.

“Not just our poll but all polling," Binders said. “Typically, ballot measures do better prior to the election than they actually do on election day. So I would expect that number to come down a little bit.”

While the voter may think it’s a great idea, the language on the ballot gives the estimated costs to local and state governments, which makes voters have second thoughts.

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The five other constitutional amendments on the ballot:

Amendment 1: A slight change to the wording in the state constitution requiring citizenship to vote in Florida. Citizenship is already required -- this would just be a change in wording in the law.

Amendment 3: Allows all voters to vote in state primaries despite party affiliation with the top two candidates advancing to the general election.

Amendment 4: Requires an amendment to pass in two separate elections to change the state constitution.

Amendment 5: Would give homeowners an extra year to transfer homestead property tax benefits to a new home.

Amendment 6: Extends the property tax benefit certain veterans with permanent combat-related disabilities receive to their spouse upon the death of the veteran.

UNF PORL’s findings

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