Ware County exploring staggered weekly schedule when schools reopen

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WARE COUNTY, Ga. – Ware County Schools said its return-to-school plans are designed to be flexible so it can quickly adjust as needed.

The county is one of the hardest-hit areas in Southeast Georiga with 448 reported cases and 15 COVID-19 deaths.

The school district posted on Facebook, the feedback it received through the parent and staff survey is leading and informing its work on how it will re-open.

The school district is hosting a Town Hall on July 16. After that meeting, it will be sharing a detailed plan for re-opening schools in August.

The school system wrote on social media, “Our ability to safely transport students to and from school while following health and safety guidelines is a major factor in designing our instructional plan.”

Depending on the state transportation director’s guidance, the school system may be adopting an A/B schedule next year. This means families who choose to send their children back to school for face-to-face learning would be assigned an A-week or B-week. All the students in that family would attend school in person during their assigned week and then attend virtually the next week while the other half  attends in person.

The goal is to reduce the number of students transported by bus every day and to meet social distancing guidelines.

From Facebook comments under Ware County School’s post, some parents were sharing their concerns about how this will work with parent’s full-time jobs. Others wrote they are worried about if the school is virtual then what about WiFi ability. Some say it’s too soon and others say their intention is for face-to-face learning.

Ware Schools have not yet decided if the A/B schedule will be adopted just yet. The district still has not asked families to declare their intentions but will have more information to share by the end of July.

Ware County plans to re-open to students on August 17.

The district said its primary means of sharing information will be through the Thrillshare call-out system and the school’s website.

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