Auditor finds JEA leadership was giving misleading facts

Member who use to be federal prosecutor heads Council committee investigating JEA

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The News4Jax I-TEAM learned Thursday that the city auditor found JEA top brass were purposely giving misleading information to make the future of the utility seem more bleak.

City council members told the I-TEAM it isn’t a surprise, but rather what they expected, and that it’s just the tip of the investigative iceberg.

Auditor Kyle Billy’s report states that Chief Operating Officer Melissa Dykes and former Chief Financial Officer Ryan Wannemacher presented facts last month that “did not tell the entire story.”

Billy added, “something that was readily apparent about the handout was that JEA presented data in several different time periods or date ranges ... The use of multiple time periods when presenting data can give the appearance that the presenter is choosing the time period that makes the best case for what the presenter is trying to show.”

Billy outlined several discrepancies including misleading data for the the decreases in sales, the base rates and fuel rates and the employee count.