Brunswick town hall honors Ahmaud Arbery, promotes justice for next generation

Saturday marked three months since Arbery’s death

The organizer of the town hall tells News4Jax what happened in Brunswick has happened before and can happen anywhere.

BRUNSWICK, Ga. – In a virtual town hall out of Brunswick, family and loved ones of Ahmaud Arbery spoke about getting justice for the next generation.

Saturday marks three months since Arbery was killed.

His mother, Wanda Cooper-Jones, spent the day honoring his life and encouraging youth to get involved.

“They are the voice," Jones said. “They’re going to be the voice for my grandkids, my great-grandkids and they must speak and speak loudly.”

A social justice group from North Carolina traveled to Brunswick to host a town hall on her sons case and how the youth can spark change.

Rev. James Woodall, the president of the Georgia NAACP, encouraged the next generation to get organized and disciplined.

“I believe that we are done dying,” Woodall said.

Videos released earlier this week show Ahmaud being questioned by police.

“It doesn’t justify what the McMichael’s did,” said Marcus Arbery, Ahmaud’s father.

People close to Ahmaud said the videos criminalize him.

“It almost makes you question the police even further," said Jason Vaugh, Arbery’s football coach. "They’re releasing these tapes about a mod from years ago I mean what is the purpose of that why are you trying to vilify the victim. It’s interesting they want to release all those other tapes, but they don’t want to release the body cam on the day that it mattered.”

The organizer of the town hall, Greg Drumwright, said what happened in Brunswick has happened before and can happen anywhere.

“We’re doing this because the ‘this’ keeps happening,” Drumwright said. “I hope that we will send a message to the world that America is still good for justice. That we will right some of the wrongs that are still happening right now in our neighborhoods and communities.”

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