Call reveals what Middleburg son accused of killing mother told 911 dispatcher

MIDDLEBURG, Fla. – News4Jax has obtained the 911 calls made by a man who is accused of beating, shooting and killing his 65-year-old mother in their Middleburg home.

Cameron Kirk, 41, is charged with second-degree murder in the death of his mother, Paula, who had been missing since March, according to the Clay County Sheriff’s Office. Kirk was arrested on May 12 after deputies found a woman’s body in plastic wrap on the floor of the garage, according to a report from the Clay County Sheriff’s Office.

Records show that Kirk reported his mother missing on April 20. That’s when he made the phone call to 911.

Dispatch: “How long has she been gone?”

Kirk: "Well, uh, it’s kind of a long story but she, after about March 3rd or 5th, she said she wanted to go on a vacation, and of course I can’t do anything about it, and said, ‘OK, That’s cool.’ But she’s come back to the house twice so far, but after that point, I think the last point I had asked her if she had talked to any of her relatives or any of her friends and from what I understand she hasn’t. So I just want to fill out a police report to make sure that people are looking out for her, and hopefully, she comes back soon.”

Records show Kirk called police again on April 23.

Attorney Rhonda Peoples-Waters, who is unaffiliated with the case, said Kirk’s demeanor appears to be detached when talking about his missing mother.

“The prosecutor or the state would bring out that his voice can be interpreted as very monotone or there is definitely a lack of emotion, there’s no hysteria,” she said.

His emotion is different from the woman’s ex-husband, as well as a friend who also called 911.

“I just find it strange because I’ve been trying to call her since the beginning of March, and that’s the last time I spoke with her. Actually, it was just a text. She told me she was out of town and having a good time," the unnamed friend said to a dispatch operator.

“The problem is, whatever my son says, it’s hard to trust," the woman’s ex-husband told dispatch.

Kirk’s next court appearance is scheduled for June 9. He’s being held in jail without bond.

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