Columbia County detective interrogates Ohio bank robbery suspect on camera

Daquan Crenshaw taken into custody at I-75 rest area following traffic stop, deputies say

COLUMBIA COUNTY, Fla. – Police in Ohio asked authorities in Columbia County to interrogate a bank robbery suspect on camera about the heist.

According to an arrest report from the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office, Daquan Crenshaw, 27, of Dayton, Ohio, was captured Tuesday afternoon at a rest area on Interstate 75 near Lake City following a traffic stop for speeding. According to Tipp City Police Department, Crenshaw pulled off a bank robbery Friday in Ohio by threatening to spray an employee with a bottle of COVID-19.

The deputy who transported Crenshaw to the Columbia County jail wrote in the arrest report that Crenshaw mentioned steps that were taken during the bank robbery. News4Jax also learned that police in Ohio authorized a Columbia County detective to interrogate him on camera about the holdup.

“They asked me to speak to you about that to see if you wanted to talk about what happened up there,” the detective can be heard telling Crenshaw in the video moments after he arrived at the jail.

The Tipp City Police Department released surveillance images after the holdup, saying the suspect handed a bank teller a note demanding money and threatened to spray the teller with a bottle of COVID-19 unless the teller complied before he ran off with cash.

“I did not threaten to put my hands on anybody. I didn’t touch anybody. I didn’t yell or do anything like that. I didn’t cause great bodily harm. I didn’t pull out a firearm. I didn’t pull a knife out. I didn’t do any of that," Crenshaw can be heard telling the detective in the video.

Despite what Crenshaw told the detective, police in Ohio said that he was considered “armed and dangerous” following Friday’s bank robbery because of a previous armed bank robbery that resulted in him being placed on federal probation, which he is now in violation of.

“How much money did you get? Do you remember? Did you count it?” the detective asks.

Crenshaw replies: “I remember getting $2,100.”

In the footage, Crenshaw later tells the detective that he had employment problems, as well as other struggles, and needed to get back on his feet.

“I got so down and out that it didn’t really hit me how much of a problem I had. I actually need help," he says in the video.

When he’s extradited to Ohio, he could be looking at a lengthy federal prison sentence because he was still on federal probation at the time of his arrest.

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