Trust Index: How you can become a fact-checker on Election Day and beyond

Trump vs. Biden Trust Index
Trump vs. Biden Trust Index

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The term “fake news” is a reality we in the news business grapple with every day.

At News4Jax, we fight to make sure what is presented to you on-air and online is authentic sourced and verified.

But we do live in a world where “fake news” exists and news consumers like you fight the same never-ending battle. It can sometimes be difficult to know what in your social media feed is legitimate news or opinion and what is there to purposely misinform you.

So, how can you tell fact from fiction?

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Fergus Bell, one of the founders of Fathm who helped News4Jax establish the Trust Index, was on The Morning Show on Monday to talk about how to look for misinformation and disinformation on Election Day and beyond.

Bell said misinformation, like rumors, is often shared without the intent to cause harm, while disinformation is false information that is intended to mislead.

“You don’t have to be a journalist to analyze what you’re seeing. You have the tools of critical thinking already and you probably do it throughout your life as you’re assessing things,” Bell said.

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