Nassau County deputies use CPR to save man after medical emergency crash

Nassau County deputies use CPR to save man after medical emergency crash
Nassau County deputies use CPR to save man after medical emergency crash

NASSAU COUNTY, Fla. – Nassau County Deputy Joshua Carter has responded to many calls during his time with the agency.

But during one recent call, Carter and another deputy are being credited with saving a man’s life after they responded to a one-vehicle crash last month.

“We’ve done CPR on people multiple times but this one definitely truly was a saving matter,” Carter told News4Jax.

About two weeks ago, Carter and deputy Nathan Hilliard responded to a crash on Blackmon Road where a car hit a fence.

“When I approached the car, he had apple juice in his lap and several sugar cookies in the center console which to me indicated he was having a diabetic emergency,” Carter said.

Carter said the driver was slouched over.

“We did a series of sternum rubs on him, he did not respond, he appeared as though he stopped breathing,” Carter said. “Myself and deputy Nathan Hilliard removed the driver from the vehicle. At that point it was confirmed that his heart rate was not producing a rhythm and he was not breathing.”

That when Carter said they started CPR.

“At that time, initiated CPR, a life-saving response to which the driver did not respond for a good ten minutes while I was conducting CPR,” he said.

The fire rescue arrived.

“During the midst of CPR, fire rescue got there and they attached their equipment to him at that time, they confirmed that we did get his heart rate going again so he was alive, they continued rescue breaths, got him in the back of the ambulance and said he was up and talking before they got to the hospital,” Carter said.

Carter said he was shocked the man survived.

“It was pretty wild when I heard that. I was standing there with deputy Nathan Hilliard and talking to him about it, we were like man that’s super cool that he actually made it,” Carter said. “It’s not often that you get to actually save someone in their time of crisis.”

The Sheriff’s Office says the driver was taken to the hospital where he recovered.

Deputy Carter says he did not get an opportunity to talk to the driver after but if he did, he says he would want him to know that this is what they do as deputies and they are here to serve and protect him and everyone else in the county.

In an emergency, Deputy Carter said the first thing you should do is call 911.

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