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Clay County works to clear storm drains as officials monitor Elsa


CLAY COUNTY, Fla. – Crews in Clay County were out cleaning storm drains Friday, as part of an effort to prepare for rainfall that the area might experience from Hurricane Elsa.

On Friday afternoon, the forecast track showed the storm moving over Florida from the west. County workers want to ensure nothing is blocking the drains in case of heavy rainfall, which could lead to area flooding.

The storm is at least five days away before any impacts could potentially be felt in Jacksonville and surrounding areas. Still, it’s a reminder for homeowners to do their parts and clean their drains before heavy rain comes.

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Black Creek is just feet away from large storm drains. It’s currently sitting between four to five feet.

“This is an area that will frequently see an inundation of possible flooding if we see heavy rains, so the county is trying to get on top of that,” said Annaleasa Winter, with the Clay County Board of County Commissioners.

The normal water level for the north fork of the creek is 11 feet and 10 feet for the creek’s south fork. Flood stage for the south is 14.5 feet and for 16 feet for the north.

To clear the drains, crews will run a pipe underneath the road, sending out high pressured water. A large pipe will suck out mud, leaves and other debris from a cross drain.

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