Local sandwich shop shut down after rodent runs in front of health inspector

Emily Boyer brings us this week's Restaurant Report.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Four restaurants in our area are back open after emergency shutdowns by inspectors with the Department of Business and Professional Regulations.

The Sheik Sandwiches and Subs in Macclenny

Rodent droppings, even rodent nests, are commonly noted in emergency shutdown inspections, but it’s rare that inspectors find the rodents alive and right in front of them-- that was the case last Thursday at The Sheik Sandwiches and Subs in Macclenny.

A note in the report shows a live rodent ran across the floor. It ran from under the walk-in freezer to another freezer and another was found inside the walls.

The restaurant was also cited for 50 droppings.

It reopened the next day with all but one of its 20 violations corrected.

Failing inspection | Failing inspection | Passing inspection

Bounxou Thai in Jacksonville

Bounxou Thai on San Jose Boulevard in Jacksonville was shut down during a routine inspection last Tuesday. The inspector found a total of 5 dead roaches and 20 live ones.

It took the restaurant until just this past Tuesday to reopen, but they did so with a perfect score and no violations.

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Duval Wings on Dunn Avenue in Jacksonville

Duval Wings on Dunn Avenue was quick to reopen after an inspection triggered by a complaint. The inspector found 3 dead roaches and 12 rodent droppings, among other violations.

The restaurant was ordered to shut down last Wednesday. It reopened the next day after corrections but will require a follow-up.

RESTAURANT REPORTS: Failing inspection | Passing inspection

DJ’s BBQ Steakhouse & Grill in Jacksonville

Four dead roaches, 11 flies , and 32 rodents droppings triggered a shut down for DJ’s BBQ Steakhouse and Grill in Jacksonville.

The restaurant racked up a total of 19 violations during the inspector’s routine visit on September 1.

The restaurant was allowed to reopen the next day, but it too is scheduled for a follow-up inspection.

RESTAURANT REPORTS: Failing inspection | Passing inspection

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