Viral catch: News4Jax interviews fans that caught cat with American flag at Miami football game

Cat falls from upper deck at Miami football game

The viral video shows a cat clinging to the edge or an upper deck at the game, and eventually falling. Craig and Kimberly Cromer were waiting below and able to catch the cat with the American flag they bring to every home game.

MIAMI – On a wild Saturday in college football, the catch of the day didn’t involve a touchdown or even a football, but of all things, a black and white cat.

During a Saturday night game between the University of Miami and Appalachian State, things turned weird when fans spotted a cat that was dangling from the upper deck of Hard Rock Stadium.

Dramatic viral videos show fans below positioning themselves about 50 feet below the cat holding an American flag as the cat holds on for dear life.

Eventually, the cat lets go and falls to the waiting fans below. Luckily the fans are able to break the cat’s fall using the flag and keep the cat from getting hurt.

After the catch of the game, one fan then holds the cat up in the air like it is Simba from “The Lion King” causing other fans in the stadium to go wild. The cat appeared to be ok.

To read more about exactly what happened, check out this story in the Miami Herald.