After death of Corrine Brown’s mother, attorney asks to delay Friday hearing

Will federal prosecutors opt to retry former US Rep. Corrine Brown?

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Former Congresswoman Corrine Brown is due to have a hearing in federal court this Friday on her status of counsel, but her attorney is asking to delay.

Brown’s attorney previously filed a motion asking the government to return roughly $42,000 that was taken as forfeiture. The government’s deadline to respond to this motion is this Friday as well.

Brown’s attorney is now asking to delay this hearing until after this motion is settled saying that unless she gets the money back, she won’t be able to retain her own counsel, so it makes sense to wait until that’s settled.

The motion also states that Brown’s mother passed away Oct. 5, and that she’s been occupied with funeral arrangements and mourning so she hasn’t been able to think about retaining counsel or doing anything to raise money to retain counsel.

According to the motion, prosecutors have indicated that they object to delaying this Friday’s hearing.

The 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals earlier this month reversed Brown’s conviction in May sending the case back to the district court for a possible retrial.

Federal prosecutors offered her an extended plea agreement to avoid being retried and the possibility that she could return to prison, which Brown rejected. She wants her name cleared. She is also trying to get back $42,000 she had already paid in restitution before her first conviction was thrown out.

The trial could be held as early as February.