I-TEAM: Mother speaks after jail video surfaces of Jacksonville rapper, corrections officers

Internal affairs investigation didn’t find any evidence of misconduct after Ksoo dropped to ground

Hakeem Robinson, known as Jacksonville rapper "Ksoo." (Copyright 2020 by WJXT News4Jax - All rights reserved.)

News4JAX on Friday for the first time spoke with the mother of a Jacksonville rapper, whose son is facing charges in two murders.

Hakeem Robinson, known as rapper Ksoo, is in Duval County jail on two second degree murder charges. Currently, a video that appears to show him being dropped to the ground by a corrections officer is circulating on social media.

“When I saw the video it actually scared me,” said Robinson’s mother, Ebony Walters.

Robinson’s grandmother, Rosemarie, filed an internal affairs complaint after the incident in October.

“I got a response back saying they didn’t find anything wrong,” his grandmother told News4JAX.

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According to an Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office Internal Affairs report, the incident happened in the jail back in October. The report states that Robinson refused to go back to his cell after shower and leisure time.

Investigators say Robinson became aggressive, yelling to the officers that they’re always messing with him, and that he was going to have his people “take care of him.”

An officer puts Robinson in handcuffs, the report states, and while exiting the cell, Robinson told the officer “My people gonna kill you.” It says he made a gurgling noise as if he was going to spit.

When he began to resist, the report states, a second officer grabbed him, dropping him to the ground.

While struggling underneath the officer, the report states, Robinson threatened to kill the officer once he’s out of jail, saying, “I’ve killed people before, I’ll do it again.”

“Me seeing my child that’s in a situation like that and I can’t do anything is bothering me a lot. It’s doing a lot to me,” Walters said.

Robinson is accused in the 2019 shooting of Adrian Gainer, known as “Bibby,” who he references in his music videos.

“It’s a career. It’s acting. It’s a job. He’s pretending. This is what the fans like. This is what he do, because when he’s not rapping, he’s a totally different person,” Walters said. “That’s not Hakeem. He’s a loveable child. He’s outgoing. He’s fun. He’s outgoing, goofy. He’s a sweet person.”

Robinson’s mother apologized to the mothers of the people mentioned in the rap music videos.

“My heart goes out to them because I wouldn’t’ imagine losing a kid. I just couldn’t imagine I couldn’t bear the pain,” she said. “I’m sorry, my heart goes out to all the mothers.”

Robinson is also charged in the 2020 shooting death of Charles McCormick Jr.

Robinson’s attorney says his client does not fit the description of the shooter in the McCormick case.

“They’re treating him as though he’s guilty. I thought it was innocent until proven guilty,” Walters said.

The internal affairs investigation didn’t find any evidence of misconduct by the officers in the video with Robinson.

A statement from Robinson’s attorney reads:

“Those accused are innocent unless proven guilty and Hakeem Robinson is clearly innocent because he cannot physically be the shooter. Innocent with no prior felony convictions. And this is how the innocent are treated by JSO. Hakeem is in a fight for his life against the government. He has no time or reason to fight with a JSO officer.”

Robinson is being held in Duval County jail on a $4 million bond.

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