Nicole sets back Davis Shores residents in Ian recovery efforts

‘Upset and exhausted’

ST. AUGUSTINE, Fla. – Residents in the Davis Shores neighborhood of St. Augustine have not even recovered from Ian damage. Now, Nicole has set them back even further in their recovery efforts.

A day after Nicole tracked through Florida, Davis Shores residents used Friday to survey the damage and begin cleaning up. Some residents now have to start over on the recovery of their homes.

“For a storm like that to come through in November, just when you think the season is over, that was pretty rough,” said Davis Shores resident Brady Reich.

Reich hasn’t been able to live in his home in Davis Shores since Ian impacted the area in late September.

“We got about a foot of water inside [during Ian],” Reich said. “That one came pretty quickly, too, really little time to prepare and get out. We lost a lot of our stuff.”

Reich had to rip out all of his walls and flooring.

Then came Nicole, which ruined all of the progress.

“We had about half the walls put back in and had the floors cleaned,” Reich said. “We’d had it sprayed for mold, all that stuff.”

Reich said there was up to a foot and a half of water in some areas of his home.

“Maybe 10 inches in parts of the house, some of the lower parts got 18 inches,” he said. “It’s very frustrating.”

Davis Shores residents were surveying the damage from Nicole and cleaning up on Friday. (Copyright 2022 by WJXT News4Jax - All rights reserved.)

Reich said his neighbors are all dealing with the same thing.

Tica Walley said the first floor of her home flooded during Ian and again during Nicole.

“I’m upset and exhausted,” Walley said.

She has had her washer and drier stored in a trailer in her driveway ever since Ian and does her laundry across the street. Her laundry room and her entire first floor are damaged from the two storms.

These neighbors now have to gut their homes and rebuild after two storms came through about 6 weeks apart.

According to the neighbors, when it floods, the water really has nowhere to go because the streets don’t drain well. One neighbor said they’re pleading with the city to clean out ditches so the water will drain into them.

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